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haneWIN NFS Server
for Windows

The software implements a multithreaded NFS Server for all Windows platforms.

The implementation supports:

  • NFS 3, NFS 2 and WebNFS protocol.
  • UDP as well as TCP connections.
  • Unix soft-links (symbolic links).
  • Unix hard-links on NTFS volumes of Windows 2000 an higher platforms.
  • Inodes for block- and character devices.

starting with Version 1.2.2:
The installer contains the 32bit software and native x64 versions of the programs.

The NFS Server runs as a background service on Windows XP/VISTA/20xx/7/8/10. The necessary SunPRC PortMap Daemon is implemented as an independent service.

On Windows 9x/ME the NFS server can run as an user independant application with a built-in SunRPC Portmapper.

Connections with the NFS Server are supported over UDP or TCP using NFS 3 or NFS 2 protocol. For connection setup the WebNFS protocol WebNFS (RFC 2055) and the Sun RPC based mount protocol is supported.
Multithreaded implemenation with a configurable number of UDP server threads and one thread per TCP connection.

The software is shareware.

NFS Server 1.2.27


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If you have questions regarding the NFS server, please read the FAQ
If you need further information send us a mail.

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