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haneWIN DNS Server
for Windows


The software implements a DNS Server for all Windows platforms.

The server can run as Primary or Backup name server and supports dynamic DNS updates based on RFC 2136.
The server operates as a so called "recursive DNS forwarder" with caching. Requests for non local domains are answered from the cache or forwarded to external nameservers.

newin Version 1.6:
Name resolution for hosts or complete domains can be blocked by the server with entries in a block list. (e.g. to suppress ads or tracking)

The installer contains the 32bit software and native x64 versions of the server programs.

For Windows XP/VISTA/20xx/7/8/10 the DNS server is implemented as native service for background operation. A Control Panel applet provides interactive access to the service.

For elder Windows versions the DNS Server is implemented as application and can run as service with nobody logged in.

The software is shareware.


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