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haneWIN TFTP Server/Client
for Windows


The software implements a multithreaded TFTP Server based on RFC 1350 including all extensions specified in RFC 2347-2349 (blocksize, transfer size, timeout options). The TFTP server uses a multithreaded architecture for high-performance and maximum reliability. The software enables the administrators to reach the maximum performance, when transfering the data.

The server supports TFTP multicast operation as specified in RFC 2090.

Support for Intel/PXE style multicast operation.

new in Version 1.6:
The installer contains the 32bit software and native x64 versions of the server programs.

The TFTP server is implemented as a service on Windows XP/VISTA/20xx/7/8/10/11. It can be easily monitored and as administrator configured by a TFTP service control panel applet.

The TFTP server application can run on Windows 9x/ME as service with nobody logged in.

For data security access control to the server based on type of operation (download/upload), IP address and server directories is implemented including a flexible access rights setup according to client's IP-address.

The sever allows indicating the range of UDP-ports, used for transmitting data. This allows network administrators to regulate firewall rules, approving the traffic, generated by the server.

The TFTP client is implemented as a Win32 console application and as Windows DLL. All TFTP extensions are available as command line options. A pipe option allows direct feeding of the received data into other applications or transmitting the output of an application to a file on the server.

The software is shareware.

If you have questions regarding the TFTP server, please read the FAQ
If you need further information send us a mail.


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