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haneWIN DHCP Server
for Windows


The software implements a DHCP/BOOTP Server based on RFC 2131. Besides the standard dynamic IP address assignment for clients the software supports the assignment of predefined profiles and static IP addresses to known hardware addresses or identifiers.

The server includes a multithreaded TFTP server for secure and reliable downloads.

The server supports all DHCP/BOOTP options and has no limitation in the number of clients.
On multi homed servers the software can handle up to 32 interfaces with one dynamic IP address pool per interface IP address.

User interface in English and German.

Address and parameter assignment can be based on:

  • hardware address
  • hardware address range (e.g. vendor bytes of MAC address)
  • Server interface
  • Client identifier
  • Vendor or User class (as specified in RFC 3004)
  • Relay IP address
  • Relay Agent Information (as specified in RFC 3046) including support of normal and trusted server interfaces.

The DHCP Server is implemented as a native service for background operation, A Control Panel applet provides interactive access to the service.

The software is shareware.


Other features:

Controlled parameter assignment to clients.
No autoconfiguration.
To control the usage of dynamic IP addresses, leasing can be restricted to known hardware addresses only. DHCP/BOOTP requests of unknown hardware addresses are logged, but not served in this mode of operation. The server can negate autoconfiguration requests of clients.
DNS Update
The server supports automatic DNS updates for DHCP configured clients.
Controlled download of boot images
To download files to the administered clients the software integrates a multithreaded TFTP server. Download can be restricted to the configured boot file of the client.

If you have questions regarding the DHCP server, please read the FAQ
If you need further information send us a mail.


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