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ISDN Sharing over TCP/IP
for Windows


With an ISDN CAPI LAN Server (ISLA) all PC's in a local network can make use of ISDN Services (Fax, EurofileTransfer, SMS, Videoconferencing,...) without a local ISDN card.
The software runs on all Windows platforms.

Internal connections between ISLA clients.
Use all ISDN application (Fax, EurofileTransfer, SMS, Videoconferencing,...) on your LAN. Based on the called number ISLA can decide if an internal or external connection is required.

  • with Fax Server.
    Received faxes are stored in TIFF format.
    Supports fax printing with filtering.
    Supports fax forwarding using external commands.
  • with built in VPN server
    PPP/Internet connections for LAN clients. Without additional client software using the Microsoft VPN Adapter of Windows.
  • with build in Least Cost Router
    Minimize your phone charges by automatic provider selection.
  • no installation
    The server is started as a normal ISDN CAPI application.
  • user independant operation
    ISLA can run as an user independant application on Windows 9x/ME. For Windows 2000 and higher the software is implemented as a service.

The Software is Shareware.


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